The Awakened Entrepreneurs- A New Breed Of Digital Marketers

The idea about The Awakened Entrepreneurs was first conceived back in 2018. I had the idea of initiating a group of Digital Entrepreneurs who were woke AF. 

This idea came to me mostly because of how I saw other online marketers take advantage of thousands of people by feeding off of their basic human urges. Example, I noticed that most “goo-roos” and internet marketers enjoy showing off flashy things and luxury in order to lure in vulnerable people.  

These victims are usually people who desire to have more in life. So these marketers go out, rent luxury vehicles and luxury homes and display them on social media, youtube, etc. in order to show others what’s possible when the victim buys their expensive course. 

Then after getting into debt to buy the “goo-roos” course, they realize how badly they got ripped off by the so called “goo-roo” and now they don’t trust when an honest marketer comes along. Bad business. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more. In fact, it is human nature to want more. And if you want to grow and ascend, you have to be comfortable with having more. But here is the issue… 

Most marketers and “goo-roos” are focused solely on “making money”. And when you are woke AF, you know that money is just an illusion and that it is only a byproduct of the value you bring to the market place. Therefore, it isn’t all about money (money is just a tool). 

There has to be a bigger picture than just money. There has to be a greater good. There has to be change. Not only within the online space, but out in the real world as well. There needs to be a change in society. A change in economics. In politics and policies. We need change. 

And that change begins with you. 

When you begin to change, the world around you begins to change. All of a sudden, the narrative becomes focused on the greater good. 

When you change your thoughts, you change your life.

And once all your needs are met, such as bills, food, necessities etc. you have the time, freedom, and flexibility to focus on things that truly matter to you and that you truly care about. 

In other words, once you are free from the idea that you “need” money (because it’s coming from your online business), you can then focus on your spirituality and the greater good. 

It is difficult to feed your soul when you are worried about whether or not you will still have a job after the recent pandemic. It’s hard to focus on spirituality when you have obligations, children, a job etc. 

So, that is why I am so happy and grateful that we are finally launching The Awakened Entrepreneurs. 

The Awakened Entrepreneurs are people like you and me who are sick and tired of the status quo.

Sick and tired of the narrative that no longer works and only creates division. 

The Awakened Entrepreneurs are people who are sick and tired of the idea that you have to work hard to earn a living. 

Tired of the fact that “goo-roos” and financial experts keep financial secrets to themselves in order to keep people poor and unable to awake and ascend. 

The Awakened Entrepreneurs believe that we are here and now because there is a New Age emerging. We are here now because we have a true purpose. And that purpose is above and beyond “making money” (that will be the least of your worries). 

The timing could not be more perfect than right now to start this movement. Now more than ever people need to hear the words of hope. Humanity needs help to ascend. And we are here (you and me), today, because it is our duty to assist. 

And like Jesus told his disciples, “first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” 

That statement worded differently could be that you must work on yourself and improve your life first before you can help others do the same. This means that you must be free before you can help others become free. 

The Awakened Entrepreneurs along with our growing online community of Mentors we can help you become free and “take the plank out of your eye”. 

We will show you exactly how to become financially free by creating an online business that revolves around your values, passions, and ideals. 

We will show you step by step how to create a successful online business from start to finish with ongoing training and support. There is no guess work. 

You will discover how easy it really is to get up and going with your very own internet business within a few short days. This will allow you to create, replace, or add additional sources of income so that you can focus on things that bring happiness to your soul whether that’d be; yoga, meditation, retreats, charities, volunteering, tree planting etc. 

We will show you how to become free so that you can help others become free and in the process build wealth, all while working from home or anywhere there is WIFI. 

You will never be alone because we have a growing community of like-minded people who are available to help at any time. Not to mention, there are weekly live training/recordings to help you increase your income, grow your business, and improve your life. 

Do you like where this is going?

Are you ready to begin your journey?

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See you on the inside!


Gerardo Flores