Affirmations To Attract Wealth

Financial success starts in the mind and there are incredibly simple affirmations that can help you attract wealth.

If you have a good attitude about money – if you like thinking about it, and reading about it, and learning how to manage it effectively – you will find it easy to accumulate enough wealth to lead a very comfortable life.

But if you have negative ideas around money – it’s hard to make, you’ll never have enough of it, and you don’t like checking your bank account because you’re afraid of what it’s going to tell you – guess what?

You’re going to find it very difficult to make, save, and manage your money.

And you’ll probably never get to a place where you are entirely free from financial worry.

The good news is that there are simple and actionable affirmations that you can do every day to help you change your perspective of money and attract wealth.

Why Attracting Wealth Seems Scary

The messages we receive in childhood form our earliest impressions about money. Let’s see if any of these scenarios seem familiar.

  • We hear our parents arguing because they don’t have enough – and that teaches us that money causes unhappiness.
  • We’re told that the cool toy we really want is too expensive – and our takeaway is that we don’t deserve the nice things money can buy.
  • We hear adults groaning about doing their taxes, and we understand that managing our money is boring and difficult.

Whatever the experience may be, we form negative beliefs around money that sabotage our financial success.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the myths that form around attracting wealth and see if any of these concepts resonate with your own beliefs.

Myth #1: Becoming Rich Would Violate the Family Code

In many low- to middle-income families, there’s a belief that rich people earn their wealth on the backs of the poor.

This isn’t always true, of course, but in some households, being poor is a badge of honor and keeps you equal to the rest of your family or your neighbors.

Myth #2: The “Good Life” Only Comes at a Sacrifice

Do you know how much your parents had to give up so that you could have a musical instrument, go to private school, or compete in your chosen sport?

These messages of lack negatively associate wealth with hardship and sacrifice, and while it may take some effort, attracting wealth

Our Adult Experiences Reinforce Our Beliefs

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Money is difficult to make and even harder to manage. Wealth is not for people like me. Life is hard.”

Well, that’s simply not true!

It’s just a story you keep telling yourself and that story only exists in your head

If you change that story, you can completely change your relationship with money.

  • Instead of avoiding it, you will find yourself attracting it.
  • Instead of finding it boring or difficult, you will find it fascinating and you’ll love the time you spend learning how to manage it more effectively.
  • Instead of dreading your bank balance, you will be excited to monitor it because it just keeps going up and up!

That is the power of a positive money mindset.

Now let’s look at some affirmations you can incorporate into your daily practice to dissolve your limiting beliefs around money and open yourself to receiving the unlimited abundance the universe wants you to have.

You may want to write these affirmations down as you go because I want you to repeat them at least once a day – twice is better – for 30 days in a row.

Make them part of your daily practice for a month.

Affirmation #1: I am Making Positive Choices About What to do with my Money

Imagine yourself experiencing that reality.

You’re monitoring your budget and spending your money wisely, no longer wasting it on purchases you really don’t need.

And as a result, your bank balance is growing, you’re paying off your debts, and suddenly your big dreams of going on that big vacation, or paying off the mortgage, or retiring early no longer seem impossible.

So take a moment after finishing this blog to consider the choices you currently make around money.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What can you do to make more and spend less?
  • Is it time to raise your rates or ask for a promotion?
  • How about your spending habits?
  • What are some of the ways you can reduce the amount of unnecessary spending you do each month?

Imagine yourself taking positive action to save, grow, and manage your money more effectively.

Affirmation #2: I am Creating all the Money I Want and Need to Accomplish Everything I Want to Do in Life.

Imagine yourself making more than enough money to live comfortably and never worry about paying your bills again.

No more debt, no more stressing about making ends meet or worrying about how you’re going to pay for that unexpected major expense.

I want you to know right now that you are so much closer to that reality than you think.

Imagine yourself there right now – getting a bill in the mail and feeling so much gratitude that you can pay for it right then and there.

Or, being offered the chance to go on an amazing vacation – and saying “yes” right away because you know you can easily afford it.

Feel the gratitude, confidence, and freedom that entails!

If you repeat this affirmation every day, so much of the negative energy you have around money will evaporate.


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Do Affirmations Really Work?

I have found that while some people have experienced life changing results from daily affirmations, I’ve also found even more people who seem to struggle to manifest using affirmations. So naturally, I was curious as to why that was so.

I discovered that, just like anything in life nothing is a “one size fits all” and affirmations were no exception.

There is something you need to realize. And that is that you have to find what works for you. You have to find a method and a practice to master your affirmations. Through the years I’ve tried different things to see what worked for me.

I tested different methods. I practiced with Tibetan prayer beads, which really helped. I’ve even tried subliminal tapes and such.

One that has really worked for me over the years is a technique I developed myself by trial and error and by practice.

The way it works is a follows;

Enter a deep state of meditation/hypnosis through breathing and relaxation. I relax my mind and body so completely, that after a few minutes I can feel myself drifting into sleep.

Once I feel my body begin to twitch, this is my sign that I am getting very sleepy, and that is my queue to state my affirmations.

It is precisely in that very small window of opportunity that I state my intentions and affirmations.

This has worked wonders for me. It has changed relationships, income, toys, experiences, you name it!

I’ve come to realize that many people who are looking to practice affirmations are usually looking for a way to create an income that may be passive or residual. Nobody wants to labor for money anymore. And with today’s technologies and new norms of working from home, it has become extremely easy to start and grow an online business.

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