Why Smart People Are Broke And Dumb People Get Rich

Have you ever come across very smart people who seem to have all the right answers to the world’s problems, yet they’re broke?  

And on the other hand, have you run across very dumb people who seem to have all the success they ever want?

There are dumb people with really dumb ideas and dumb ways of behaving (think Bhad Barbie as an example) yet they have all the money they will ever need.  

Yes, there are very smart people who are broke. And there are really dumb people who are rich. 

But why? 

I have been studying the psychology of success for a number of years now. And what I have learned along the way is that the difference between people who are broke and people who are rich is…

Get ready for this…

Their own personal beliefs about money. 

That’s it.  

People who are broke have self-limiting beliefs about how much money is enough and how much money is too much. 

Rich people have an unshakeable belief that they deserve all the money they will ever need.   

Broke people put a ceiling on how much money they believe is good and how much is too much. And this is exactly why they stay broke. 

Rich people don’t think in terms of dollar amounts, they think in terms of how much life they can experience by having all the money they can have. 

Dumb rich people understand that in order to create wealth, all you need is a blueprint and to follow it with blind faith that it will work.  

Smart broke people want to spend time investigating, collecting data and answers, and theorizing before they follow any blueprint, regardless if the blueprint has been proven to work.  

Dumb rich people have faith that they will succeed. 

Smart broke people want a guarantee that they will succeed. 

If any person ever wants to get rich, they need to begin by changing how they think about money and what they believe about riches.  

Have you taken inventory of your personal beliefs about money and riches? If you have not, this would be a great time to do so.

And if you find that you experience any resistance when thinking about riches, it is time to change your beliefs about money

Our society has evolved in such a way that there is now more money and wealth and prosperity for anyone and everyone who wants it. 

You just have to claim it. 

And with all the opportunities that the internet has brought us, there is no reason why anyone couldn’t get rich in today’s world.  

It all comes down to personal beliefs and following a proven blueprint.  

Just like THIS ONE. 

Talk soon! 



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