Thousands Of Realtors Ditch Their License To Make Better Commissions Online

It was in 2005 that I first got licensed as an agent.

To date, that had been my greatest accomplishment achieved in my life, besides getting my GED since I did not graduate High School.

I was totally excited to get into a career that offers an opportunity to create a good income providing a service that most people need.

The business was going great and I was doing very well financially, considering I was told that I would never amount to anything due to me dropping out of school and getting into trouble as a youth.

Around 2008 the recession came and it caused my business to suffer, leaving me to look for a different way to earn income.

At this time, my kid’s mother and I were going through a separation as well. So needless to say, it was one of the hardest points in my life.

Not only did I lose my career, but I also lost vehicles and the home we lived in, to repossessions and foreclosure. Felt like a total failure.

I literally had to move back into my parents house while I went through my divorce and got back on my feet.

It was a serious blow to my ego.

I felt helpless. Like I lost in a major way.

Then around 2012 I ran into one of my former realtor friends at a restaurant I was working at (one of a few jobs I had to get back on my feet).

She recruited me back into real estate and I began to sell homes again.

Things were going great.

I was back in the game.

I was getting closings and life was looking good.

But there was something missing.

Although things were going good, I just wasn’t excited to get up in the mornings to pursue my career.

I had clients blowing up my phone 24/7.

I was getting burned out by clients that just couldn’t commit to buying anything and we would spend weeks, or even months looking at homes on the evenings and weekends.

I had clients from out of state who would come down and basically use me as their tour guide to show them different areas and neighborhoods, then once they made a decision to move months later, they would go with another realtor, screwing me out of the commission.

I was hardly ever home. I was a single dad at this point. And I would hardly spend time with my two boys.

After a little while I realize that I was extremely introverted, and I didn’t really know that.

In part, I didn’t realize how introverted I was because as a salesperson, you just learn to mask and cover up any feelings or emotions when dealing with people in a sales environment.

But I found myself getting extreme anxiety when dealing with people.

I found myself just wanting to leave far away where people could not reach me and my phone can stop blowing up with texts and calls.

I discovered that people wore me out. Dealing with people would cause me stress. They would drain my energy.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love meeting and connecting with others, but I learned that I like to do so on MY terms.

There were many clients that I just wish that I could fire.

But if I didn’t get a closing, then all my time and energy would be wasted and I wouldn’t get paid. So I suffered through their BS.

I had clients doing what my lender and I told them NOT to do during the buying process that would cause their loans to be denied.

I had unrealistic sellers who wanted more for their house than the market showed, yet wanted their next house to cheaper than what the market was offering.

When I finally started dating again, I hated the fact that I couldn’t go out on a nice date without my phone blowing up.

And out of respect, I tried my hardest to not answer and to not be on my phone when it would set off. So I would feel guilty, and while I’m sitting in front of my date, I’m wondering who is calling me and what they wanted. Couldn’t really enjoy the moment.

So while I was self employed, I never truly felt free.

I felt like my career is just my life. In other words, I felt that I didn’t have a life outside of real estate.

It got to the point that I would wake up and automatically resent having to deal with clients and their files.

Having to chase rude leads who would opt-in to see homes for sale, yet would lie to me and tell me that they never signed up to anything.

I resented that fact that I had to be a “glorified telemarketer” by calling a bunch of leads on a daily basis.

I hated having to call my sphere of influence to beg for business referrals.

I can recall a time when one of my best friends was having me look for a home that he was going to purchase for his granddaughter and her husband.

He was going to buy with cash, so no loan contingency.

After a few weeks of not being able to find what he wanted, he called me one day and said, “Just wanted you to know that I called Ron (a competitor) and asked if he had any homes for sale, he showed me one and we wrote up a contract that is going through”.


Yes, that was a serious kick to the balls!

And that is just one HUGE reason why I decided that real estate was just not what makes my soul happy.

I decided that I hated feeling resentful.

I hated feeling any negativity towards my friends and family members who worked with my competition instead of me.

Let’s not even mention how tough the real estate market has become lately, with listings getting 20-30 offers and for well over the asking price.

This causes agents to lose a bunch of time with buyers showing them houses and writing offer after offer only to get beat by someone else.

It’s quite literally like playing musical chairs.

And who wants to play musical chairs with their commissions!?

And so I decided that I would find a way to replace my income so that I would NEVER have to depend on selling another house or deal with another shitty client to make a living.

In looking for an opportunity, I had a list of qualifications that it had to meet in order for me to feel comfortable, happy, and fulfilled.

  1. It needs to be extremely lucrative and requires as little time as possible to build and maintain.
  2. It needs to be something I can do around the things that I love, because I want to enjoy life first, and work second.
  3. Needs to have the opportunity to scale as big as I want. No ceiling on income.
  4. It needs to have time/location freedom because I want to travel and not have to worry about being at some appointment to make a sale.
  5. It needs to make sales and commissions on autopilot because I do not want to talk to people in order to sell them.

Needless to say, I found the perfect opportunity that met all of those requirements and more.

Once I got plugged into this opportunity, I discovered that I wasn’t alone!

There were many other realtors who had similar frustrations who decided they wanted something better than being an agent.

My life now is completely different.

I literally wake up when I want, (well, for the most part because I have a cat that will let me know when she’s hungry no matter how early!).

I spend my days how I want.

I may do some work first thing in the a.m. after my coffee and then hit the gym around noon. I may meet up with a friend for coffee/lunch and talk about things that expand our consciousness.

I may take my Road King out for a ride.

I may meditate and do some yoga and not have to worry about phone calls/texts from prospects.  

I may contribute to a local organization as a volunteer.

We go on vacations now. In fact, in August we leave for Mexico, again.

We enjoy camping.

We enjoy having friends over for UFC fights and beer.

Sure there is still stress in life. That is totally normal.

But, it is not the same type of stress. I no longer have anxiety about work.

I no longer have to chase ANY prospect.

Sales and commissions come to me on autopilot without me talking to people, the way I wanted.

And my income does not have a ceiling.

In the past, I can only meet with one client at a time so I can only make a sale one person at a time. I had to dress up, wash my car, go to appointments, make a presentation/show houses, write offers, stress out while waiting on responses, and hope to make a sale.

All while being away from my family and missing dinner time most nights.

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Your online business coach,


Gerardo Flores- awakened entrepreneurs- wokeaf-staywoke