3 Reasons Being A Realtor Sucks In 2021

When I first got licensed as a realtor back in 2005, I thought that being a real estate agent was the coolest thing ever.

Getting my license was my greatest accomplishment to date, besides getting my GED.

I was a High School dropout with no formal education at all.

To my surprise I learned that all you need to get into real estate was a 90-hour course and some testing.

Back in 2005 we didn’t have the technology we have today.

I remember carrying a White Pages book with me at all times because it had the local area maps, and this is how I would navigate to my showings. No smartphones with GPS.

At this time, door knocking, and cold calling was the “normal” way to get business. Unless you were advertising on billboards or magazines.

I would lock myself in an office for 2-3 hours a day and literally call numbers from the White Pages to prospect for business.

Things were going well. Until the recession hit us.

Then my business suffered, and I lost my house, vehicles, even went through a divorce. It was very bad times.

After working a few jobs to get back on my feet, I ran into a former realtor friend who recruited me back into real estate in 2012 and things were once again going alright.

Fast forward to more recent times.

I found myself extremely unfulfilled with my real estate career.

Clients seemed to wear me out. They’d go against our advice and things would end up badly.

As an example, we would take the time to educate our prospects about the ins and outs of buying a home. We would give them a check list of things NOT to do when buying a home.

Then, once in the middle of their purchase, they’d go out and open new lines of credit, make late payments, or quit their job for something else.

This would cause them to not qualify to buy a home. And it made us all lose time and not get paid.

This, however, is only the beginning of why it sucks to be a Realtor in 2021.

It is no surprise that many major industries are facing disruption.

Taxi companies now compete with Uber and Lyft.

Hotels now compete with Airbnb.

Retailers are competing with ecommerce and Amazon.

And real estate agents are now competing with Zillow, Refdfin, iBuyers, and Mutual Fund Companies buying up real estate.

This brings me to my three reasons why being a realtor sucks in 2021.

  1. Way too much competition

Between Zillow, Redfin, iBuyers, Discount brokers and etc. Realtors are faced with tons of competition.

Not only are there too many realtors, but there’s too many of these disruptors that are taking up a huge piece of the real estate pie.

Discount brokers are offering not only discounted listing fees but they’re also incentivizing prospects to use their services to buy their home. Putting many realtors out of work.

 Zillow promised to not compete with realtors, but we all have seen what they did. They should run for office since they know how to lie so well.

Then you have the current historic housing demand that cannot keep up.

Clearly, there is not enough inventory, so every house is getting 20-30 offers which can only mean that only one realtor will get paid.

This is just like playing musical chairs. Only one person will get the house, only one agent will collect a commission.

2. The industry is getting a bad name

Now that there are many more options available for people to buy or sell their home it is making it harder for realtors to demonstrate value in what they do.

For example, buyers and sellers have become smarter consumers because of the internet.

Buyers and sellers are going online to learn how to buy or sell without a realtor.

Or they are researching different ways to buy or sell a home.

So, when there are multiple companies offering to list their home at a discount, what can you possibly do or say to convince them to pay you a higher fee for the same service?

When there are companies offering prospects a 1% credit back to them for using their services to buy a home, what can you do or say to not have to give up a part of your commission?

People are starting to accuse realtors of being greedy.

Additionally, they are starting to accuse realtors of inflating home prices.

What people don’t realize is that realtors don’t dictate prices, the market does. But it still falls on the realtors, and each day more and more people are seeing realtors as greedy agents.

Every time I see a realtor friend advertise their listing in a Facebook group, I see the hateful comments from people angry about the high price of the home and accusing the realtor of being greedy. And blaming them for the rising prices in real estate.

The public is looking at realtors in the same way they look at shady used-car salespeople.

3. It is getting harder to get homes under contract

With the demand in housing being so high, this means you now have tons of buyers competing over the same listings.

As soon as a house hits the market, it is immediately swarmed by buyers and usually sold within hours.

Everything is getting multiple offers with no contingencies and for well over asking price.

I have realtor friends telling me that their clients are making offers waving contingencies and some offering $30K, $40K, $50K, even $100K OVER ASKING!! This is flat out insane!

So again, only one client will get the house, and only one agent will get a commission.

How is any agent supposed to earn a living in today’s real estate industry!?

Although there are a few realtors who are doing very well, for the vast majority of realtors it is not the case.

Let’s be real here.

If there is no product to sell, how the hell are you supposed to make a living!? I mean, really think about it.

Will you continue to show houses to the same clients and keep writing offers over and over and over in hopes that one day you get lucky enough to get an offer accepted?

Is this what it has come to?

That you have to get lucky to get paid!?

How well will that go for your family and those who depend on you?

There’s gotta be a better way.

The BEST News For Realtors Who No Longer Want To Depend On Luck To Make Money

Just like the internet disrupted many industries, it has also created an opportunity to earn a living that did not exist before.

Thanks to the internet, there are new millionaires created every single day.

The founder of Tik Tok, a young dude, just retired with 4 BILLION dollars in wealth.

All thanks to the internet.

Can YOU make 4 BILLION by selling houses? Not likely, especially when there’s no houses to sell.

It seems like being a Millionaire is the new middle class.

Being a millionaire no longer qualifies to be considered rich.

There are countless success stories of normal, ordinary people who are making a living online.

And there are many ways to earn an income online.

What I found, through trial and error, to be the easiest, fastest, and safest ways to walk away from real estate and to earn commissions online is through affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing you don’t have to worry about creating a product, fulfilling the product or service, setting up bank accounts and merchant accounts to collect payments, overhead, customer service, refunds, storefront, or commercial building.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to market products or services that are in high demand, to the most opportune buyers who want and need that product or service.

Affiliate marketing is the best thing to happen for entrepreneurs since sliced bread because it allows you to earn commissions online without ever having to talk to people or do any selling yourself.

It allows you to enjoy true freedom. What I mean by that is that you can be free to spend your days the way you want to spend them.

No stressing about appointments, deadlines, showing houses, getting offers rejected, working evenings or weekends. Staying up at night stressing. And watching your kids grow up without you.

It allows you to spend more quality time with family because you don’t have to be away from them.

It allows you to visit distant lands and experience different cultures and foods.

Affiliate marketing allows you to take vacations guilt-free without worrying about files, difficult clients blowing up your phone, or worrying about losing a prospect for not being available.

Affiliate marketing makes you sales even while you sleep.

This is the best business model for any realtor to learn about because it can help you go from a stressed out, burned out realtor to creating wealth while having fun and spending quality time with those you love.

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