3 Signs Being A Realtor, LO, Or Insurance Agent Is No Longer For You

Is it time for a new path? Is it time to do something else besides being a Realtor, LO, or insurance agent?

Additionally, how would you know if you are ready for something different?

In this blog post, I will do my best to single out 3 signs that I believe you may be in the wrong career and time to move on to something bigger and better.

When studying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you will realize that we all begin at the bottom level, with “physiological needs”.

These are our basic needs, needs like;

Food, water, warmth, rest.

With most jobs and careers, you can acquire these basic needs.

With a job or career, you can pay your bills, provide shelter, and enjoy some recreation.

At the very top of the pyramid, you have “self-actualization”.

Once you can reach this point, it means that you do not have to worry about how your basic needs will be met.

You are no longer thinking about or stressing about how bills will get paid.

Most likely, you have attained a certain level of financial freedom that you can now focus on things like; giving back to community, creativity, charity, expanding your consciousness, seeking a deeper connection with your God, making art/music, and etc.

In my personal opinion, as long as you continue to depend on a job or career to provide for your basic needs, you WILL NOT make it to the top.

Most people will continue to go about their life’s journey, without even realizing that there is more to life than just working to pay bills.

Yet others will feel discomfort deep down inside of them when they know that they are not living to their full potential.

Here are my 3 signs to look for that will reveal to you when you’re in the wrong business or that you are ready for the next chapter in your life.

1. You like what you do, but you are not passionate about it

When I tell the story of how I got into real estate, you’ll remember that I initially got started back in 2005, as a high school dropout and with no formal education.

When I got into real estate I did it because my belief was that “there’s a bunch of money to be made”.

Yes, I had a good career. Yes, I had good income.

But something was missing.

I wasn’t spending enough time with my boys.

It hurt my heart to watch my kids grow up without me because I was always busy with appointments and working evenings and weekends.

Money was good, but my relationship with my kids was suffering.

Being a single parent and working full time is very difficult.

So, although I did have a good career, what was the point of it if I wasn’t enjoying life?

When it came to dating, I could not put my phone down while on dates. Always trying to answer calls and texts because I was worried that my clients may find someone else or that I might miss out on a client if I’m not available to get back to them right away.

My soul became fatigued because I stopped meditating, going to church, and my yoga practice. All things that made me feel a deeper connection to my God.

The first sign to look for when you know you’re ready for something else is the level of fulfillment you get from your job or career.

Ask yourself this question, at the end of your day, do you feel accomplished and fulfilled or do you go to bed stressed out about the day and dreading the list of things you need to do the following day?

If you feel drained, stressed out, need a drink to “wind down”, then this is a sign that you are in the wrong business and you need to do something else ASAP.

This is a clear indication that your soul is not happy and all you’re doing is placing a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.  

2. Relationships are suffering

As mentioned above, my personal relationship with my two boys was suffering because I wasn’t spending enough time with them.

Since I was going through a divorce, my mother was the “mother figure” to my kids for several years.

It was a difficult time for me.

What hurt the most was that, since my kids’ mother moved out of state after our separation, my kids’ lives were turned upside down.

And to make it worse, I wasn’t spending nearly enough time with them.

This would make me feel guilty, worthless, and like an utter failure to my family.

My dating life sucked.

Even while I was out on a date, my phone wouldn’t stop blowing up with calls and texts.

And like a “good realtor”, I would excuse myself to go outside to answer my phone, trying to look as if I’m someone important or something.

Looking back, I think I looked really stupid always having my phone in my hand and always so eager to put it to my ear the moment it rang. Now when I see other realtors do this very thing, I feel really sad for them because I know that they’re a slave to their phone.

If you find that your relationships are suffering because you are not investing quality time to nurture them, you must leave your career or do something else ASAP.

3. Deep inside know you have a higher purpose

If you find yourself thinking of ways that you can contribute and give back to society or your community and you feel sorta “stuck” where you’re at, then this is a sign that you have outgrown your career.

When you feel that you have a sense of higher purpose, that is your soul calling out to you to live life as your “true authentic self”.

When you wake up in the morning, you do wake up excited and happy about the day or do you need to load up on coffee in order to get the motivation you need to face the day?

As you are getting ready for work, do you feel motivated, inspired, and excited to do what you are about to do?

Or do you feel like you’re on autopilot going through the daily motions?

Are you someone who spends a portion of your day pondering world problems and what things can be done to improve our world for everyone?

Do you often think about how you can help others without expecting anything in return? (Not work related)

Are you someone who believes that we need to provide better care to Mother Nature?

Do you believe that the world needs more connection, spirituality, and better leadership?

If you can answer any of the above honestly and in the affirmative, then you know that you have outgrown your job or career and it is time to move on to bigger, better things.

Your soul is calling you to live your true purpose and your job or career is hindering you and keeping you from attaining “self-actualization”.

As you are reading this you may be wondering, “Well if I leave my career, what am I supposed to do to make sure I’m financially secure to pursue self-actualization?”

This is where I share the GREATEST NEWS for Realtors and LO’s who are ready to pursue self-actualization.

I don’t know about you, but when I first got into real estate I did it because I believed the money was good.

And it was.

But I also learned that it wasn’t all about the money. Unlike Ice Cube, it’s not all about the Benjamins.

Personally, I had to leave real estate because it wasn’t fulfilling to me. Something was missing.

I needed to spend more quality time with family.

I needed to focus more time and attention to feeding my soul through meditation, yoga, and charity. And being a Realtor was standing in my way.

Now, thanks to the business I’m involved in, I’ve finally found the balance that was missing.

Through being a Freemason, I have the opportunity to be involved in charities and community outreach and contribution and as well as soul development.

Through my online business, I have reached financial security.

And because my business is an online business, I’m able to work it around my life and lifestyle.

This allows me to have the financial security that my family needs, it provides time to follow my passions spend time with family, and travel.

It allows me to experience different cultures and foods.

And it also allows me to share my experience with you and everyone else who may be in a similar situation.

This brings me to the great news I mentioned.

There is a community of Mentors who taught me everything I know about creating an online business that brings income, fulfillment, excitement, and opportunity for self-actualization.

These Mentors have been there and done that.

We come from all walks of life and from all over the world.

Our mission is simple:

Work less. Earn more. Follow your true passions.

My Mentor Stuart Ross will be holding a FREE online workshop where you will learn exactly, step by step, how to build a 6-figure online business from scratch so that you can live life on your terms and find self-actualization.

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See you on the inside!

Your online business coach,

Gerardo Flores

The Awakened Entrepreneur

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