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If You Can’t Answer This ONE Question Honestly, You Will NEVER Succeed

My challenge for you is to start a daily ritual of visualizing what your average day looks like once you reach success.


3 Signs Being A Realtor, LO, Or Insurance Agent Is No Longer For You

Is it time for a new path? Is it time to do something else besides being a Realtor, LO, or insurance agent? Additionally, how would you know if you are ready for something different? In this blog post, I will do my best to single out 3 signs that I believe you may be in […]

3 reasons being a realtor sucks in 2021

3 Reasons Being A Realtor Sucks In 2021

When I first got licensed as a realtor back in 2005, I thought that being a real estate agent was the coolest thing ever. Getting my license was my greatest accomplishment to date, besides getting my GED. I was a High School dropout with no formal education at all. To my surprise I learned that […]

Thousands Of Realtors Ditch Their License To Make Better Commissions Online

It was in 2005 that I first got licensed as an agent. To date, that had been my greatest accomplishment achieved in my life, besides getting my GED since I did not graduate High School. I was totally excited to get into a career that offers an opportunity to create a good income providing a […]


Why Smart People Are Broke And Dumb People Get Rich

People who are broke have self-limiting beliefs about how much money is enough and how much money is too much. 

Rich people have an unshakeable belief that they deserve all the money they will ever need.   

Manifest Prosperity While Having Fun

BY DONNA BURGHER  FEBRUARY 9, 2020 3 WAYS TO HAVE MORE FUN, CREATE AN IMPACT, AND MANIFEST PROSPERITY Let’s collectively, have more FUN while creating an impact with the work we are called to do, as this is the spark to manifesting joy and prosperity into our business and life. As each one of us takes personal […]

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5 Things You Should Understand To Attract Prosperity & Success

5 Things Everyone Needs To Understand About Success Here are the five things everyone needs to understand about success: 1. Fear is your enemy. Specifically the fear of missing something. In many ways, each decision you make closes doors, but they also open different doors. You know what doesn’t do anything for you? Standing still. […]

3 Secrets To Getting What You Want In life

Getting what you want out of life is not something that should be a passive goal. How to get what you want out of life all starts with your “why”. When you ask yourself why you want to get to a certain goal you will find that that is a question that most people (including yourself) don’t quite […]

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Do You Meditate For Success? Here’s Why It Doesn’t Work

Meditation has the power to transform your life for the better and ignite your success. But how do you fit it into your busy life?  Fact: The actions we take in the morning set the tone for the entire day. Most of us know this intuitively — that a strong start is critical to having a […]