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Affirmations To Attract Wealth

Financial success starts in the mind and there are incredibly simple affirmations that can help you attract wealth. If you have a good attitude about money – if you like thinking about it, and reading about it, and learning how to manage it effectively – you will find it easy to accumulate enough wealth to lead […]

how to manifest money and be humble about it

How To Manifest Money And Be Humble About It

If we are honest and we had the chance with no negative repercussions, we’d likely be earning much more money than we currently are. However, for many of us, we don’t have an excellent relationship with money. It means that while we might desire for it, we find it challenging to manifest money into our lives. That’s […]

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The Awakened Entrepreneurs- A New Breed Of Digital Marketers

The idea about The Awakened Entrepreneurs was first conceived back in 2018. I had the idea of initiating a group of Digital Entrepreneurs who were woke AF.  This idea came to me mostly because of how I saw other online marketers take advantage of thousands of people by feeding off of their basic human urges. […]